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In the first live keynote for I/O 2019, Google went on with a plethora of news regarding the Google app, which combines the Assistant with their bread and butter - Search. Some of the most notable announcements made by the CEO Sundar Pichai are the addition of AR/3D models to search results as well as tons of speed and usability enhancements coming to the Assistant.

What's new for Search

  • AR models of objects as search results

One hell of a good feature that is coming to Google Search will allow you to put live 3D models of objects, or per Google's demo - animals, right in front of you. Use cases for this may be visualizing goods when shopping, or studying, because of the real-world-like dimensions of the AR models.

  • Full news coverage and podcast results about topics you search for

Searching for a topic/word will display contextual information from the likes of hot news articles and podcasts. Furthermore, podcasts can be added to a playlist for a later time listening.

  • How-to-optimized results

Google Search is flooded with guides and how-to's, and to ease up the pain of those who do not prefer asking literal questions and instead go with only keywords, the giant company have gone a step further and added schemas for sites to comply with. That said, the search engine will be competent enough to come up with even more relevant results down the line.

  • Google Lens for Android Go devices

Basically, it means that low-end Android handsets running the crippled down 'Go' edition software will be able to use Lens to look up stuff with their cameras, translate text into different languages, etc.

Assistant upgrades

  • "Picks For You"

This feature will enable the Assistant to give you recommendations as what to cook and will provide you with tailored podcast and event suggestions.

  • "Personal References"

You will be thrilled to learn that, upon adding info such as your mom's address to your contacts list, you will be able to ask Google more complex questions, e.g. "What's the weather at Mom's house today."

  • "Assignable Reminders"

This one, in particular, does exactly as its name implies - assign reminders. Thus, you will have the opportunity to remotely assign other people tasks.

Note that some of these features are said to begin rolling out this summer.

These are our top pick for new and quite frankly, exciting Google Search additions revealed at this years I/O event. Stay tuned to our website for more.

Via: BGR, Android Police

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