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The latest Gboard update enables a new feature named minis. Minis are user-customizable stickers. Basically, you have to take a photo of your face and you will get a sticker pack just in a couple of seconds. With that said, there are a ton of options for you to choose what your avatar will look like by changing every characteristic of your avatars face. The options are divided into 10 categories, and here they are with all of the settings:

  • Face - face shape, chin length and skin tone
  • Hair - short, medium, long, updo, color, highlight color, and hair tie color
  • Eyes - shape, color, eyelashes, position, and distance
  • Eyebrows- shape, thickness, position, and distance
  • Lips - type, mouth position, nose shape, and nose position
  • Facial hair - style and color
  • Facial markings
  • Headwear and headwear color
  • Glasses - frame, style, frame color, and lens color
  • Other - T-shirt color, earrings, and their placement, piercings

Accessing this feature is, kind of, tricky. You have to tap on a text box to open the keyboard and click on the arrow key in Gboard's toolbar. If the sticker button is hidden, tap on the horizontal three-dot button and you will see it there. At the bottom right corner of the next menu there will be a '+' button, which you have to select and after that tap on the blue 'GET STICKERS'.

On a side note, this looks to be Google's response to Apple's Memoji's in IOS 12, which work in a similar manner. Let us know what you think about this move from Google.

  • Gboard has everything you love about Google Keyboard – speed and reliability, Glide Typing, voice typing and more – plus Google Search built in
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