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If you have started feeling bored from switching between the limited number of dull themes in your go-to keyboard app - Gboard, today is a lucky day for you, because Google has indeed begun enabling remotely for a large population of their keyboard's userbase a whopping amount of 53 brand new gradient style themes, which come in two different types - with 25 light ones and 28 dark themes. Because of this light/dark grouping, the navigation bar color has also been set to change to black or white, when using the keyboard, depending on the theme style that has been chosen and the device itself, of course. So, if you are not using a Pixel phone, this may not work for you at all. Speaking of Pixel's, there is the long-awaited "sand" theme finally coming out, which matches perfectly the "Not Pink" models of Google's device lineup released for 2018.

Below is the official changelog for version 7.8.10 posted on the Play Store, which mentions the additional languages that are supported from now on in Gboard.


  • 50+ language varieties, including: Alas, Amis, Brahui, Choctaw, Gayo, Giryama, Gorontalo, Gusii, Hehe, Iban, Jingpho, Kadazandusun, Kamba, Kekchi, Konkomba, Konzo, Kumyk, Lugbara, Luo, Makassar, Meru, Nande, Ndau, Nkore, Nyaturu, Sasak, Teso, Tooro & Wayuu, Karelian, Komi-Permyak, Eastern Oromo, Trinidadian Creole English

Make sure that you are running at least version 7.8.8 or above to be able to use the aforementioned themes. If you do not have access to the beta on Google Play, you can instead grab the latest version of Gboard from APK Mirror to take your chance.

Source: Google Play, Android Police

  • Gboard has everything you love about Google Keyboard – speed and reliability, Glide Typing, voice typing and more – plus Google Search built in
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