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Flick Launcher is a launcher app for Android, made by Michele Lacorte, that builds upon the Pixel Launcher by Google. The concept behind it is crafting a better Pixel launcher experience by adding tons of tweaks on top. It is currently classified as an unreleased app on the Play Store, so be aware that bugs do exist.

Version 0.3.0 Beta 327, released on November 6, brings performance enhancements all along with better support for Android 9 Pie included. Below is the changelog for it:

  • Added option to disable the one hand panel.
  • Fixed and improved gestures.
  • Refactor app security.
  • Improved app icon sizing and label hiding.
  • Various improvements for Pie.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Disable the one hand panel

The one hand panel displays a control center-like menu with toggles and a search bar. It can be accessed by flicking up on any page of the homescreen. There is now an option to disable it, which can be found inside the Gestures page in the settings of the app.

Graphical issues in this version

  1. The pop-up when long-pressing on an app icon animates twice. See the embedded video below.
  2. The status bar icons are black in the setting when Night Mode is on.
  3. Option titles in Settings - Gestures - Double tap to lock screen pop-up panel are black when Night Mode is enabled.
  4. Edges of nine-patch background images used for the pop-ups that are showing when long-pressing on app icons are visible.

Be sure to check out Flick Launcher beta on the Play Store and keep following us for more insights like this.

  • Flick Launcher, a google pixel style launcher!
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