Flick Launcher beta Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

Flick Launcher is a home screen app build upon the popular Pixel Launcher, but with its own twist atop. It provides a crazy amount of extra options, settings, and so much customizability, but sadly, it is still in alpha state so there are many issues that need to be ironed out.

The developer has released a new beta with build number 0.4.0 Beta 401, which does come with literally a dozen changes + fixes and here is the changelog provided by him on Flick's website.


  • Improved Dark Mode
  • Dark Mode on Google Now Feed (Requires FlickNow 1.4, NB: Uninstall the previous version)
  • Added search when change single icon
  • Added Android P dock with Blur support
  • Added German translation
  • Improved backup and restore functionalities
  • Fixed a fingerprint dialog bug on devices with Lollipop
  • Fixed invisible Google Assistant icon in P style dock search bar
  • Fixed fingerprint locking on folders
  • Fixed icon overlapping
  • Fixed uninstalling apps on Android P
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

One of the more noteworthy additions is support for Google Discover's dark mode, aka Google Feed. Though, the first thing you will have to do is update to FlickNow version 1.4. Note that If you have an older version of FlickNow installed on your device, you will have to uninstall it beforehand. Another welcome addition is the Android P style dock with rounded corners and blur support, but I was not able to find the toggle that enables blurring. Maybe it will come in a feature release.

Of course, the app being in alpha stage (unreleased) means that it has some known issues. In my own testing, I went out for bug hunting and have prepared a list with the problems I have faced. I would like to mention that I do have a POCOPHONE F1 with Android 9 (Lineage OS 16) installed as a test device.


  • Text colors cannot be overwritten
  • Even though the dock search bar is disabled, it randomly turns on again
  • Flick's automatic color selection does not apply until a manual restart of the launcher
  • In Flick's auto color selector manually assigned colors do not get saved
  • There is too much empty space in the app drawer
  • Home screen app label colors not matching
  • Setting the home screen app label color to white (#FFFFFF) results in black text instead
  • Invisible text (white on white) in the long-press pop-up menu on the home screen after a fresh install
  • App opening animations are off by default (Why?)
  • Randomly, after pressing the home button, we get switched to a different launcher app

You can install Flick Launcher from the Play Store and see if it works fine on your Android device. If you would like to support the developer so he can fix all of the major issues that app has as soon as possible, you can also purchase the Flick Launcher PRO add-on, which unlocks some extra functionality in the launcher as well.

Source: flicklauncher.com

  • Flick Launcher, a google pixel style launcher!
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