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Snapchat, mostly favored because of its funny and unique AR lens effects, is expanding its already broad enough feature set by adding new caption styles and a "Year End" Story to celebrate the end of 2018. The update we are looking at today has a build number and is currently rolling out to all Snapchat users through the Google Play Store. These are the release notes for it:


While typing a caption, tap the new button to change its alignment.

Fresh caption styles. Check back often for new ones!

Updated caption styles

Without giving you too much unnecessary details because you can discover by yourself, the latest caption styles included in this version can be seen simply by hitting the "T" icon at the top right, which becomes visible after taking a Snap. Next, you will surely notice at the bottom portion of the screen the style options and by scrolling from right to left you can swap between them effortlessly. As a bonus, the freshly added text alignment settings such as left, right, or center can be toggled between from the action button, which has four horizontal lines with different lengths.

"Year End” Story

Almost all social media platforms do offer a roundup highlighting their users' best memories for the past year. With that said, Snapchat had launched their own variant called "Year End" back in 2017 and is reviving it this year as well. It tries to create the perfect collage from all of your favorite memories filled with unmatched emotions as a celebration gift for you. But it comes with a caveat - you must have saved enough content with different varieties in Snapchat's Memories archive for it to work.

To view your "Year End" Story for 2018, you just have to launch the app on your Android device, navigate to the 'Memories' tab by swiping from right to left or tapping on the appropriate icon for it, placed at the bottom right in the main screen. Your personal "Year End" Story will show up below the Snaps tab at the top of the page and will be titled as “My 2018 in Snaps." You can view it directly and also share it on your Story if you want to do so.

At the moment "Year End" is at a staged rollout and should be available very soon. Please, note that it is being enabled server-side, so updating to the latest version may not make any change, plus there are always other criteria that are being considered.

Source: Google Play, Twitter, Fast Company

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