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Feedly is a news reading app for Android that is picking up the hottest news from all around the web and serving them to you in a single feed, so you do not need to go hunting numerous different websites for articles on all sorts of topics. Its newest beta release is now available to download and brings some great performance enhancements as well as other things we will get to in a bit, but, just like as always, it is time for the Play Store changelog for version 60.0.0 beta.


New Features:

  • Night friendly launch screen
  • 5x performance improvement
  • Leo 0.5 Priority Feeds

New Leo Skill:

  • Deduplication (Beta)
  • Mentions (Beta)
  • Topics (Beta)
  • Like board (Beta)


  • Mark All As Read

Night friendly launch screen

Before this update, even if you had the night mode on, the splash screen background always stayed white. With this release, the launch screen goes black when night mode is enabled so you do not get that annoying white screen shining brightly on your face at night time.

5x performance improvement

It is indeed really noticeable that the app is launching a little faster than before, so the promised 5 times performance improvement is 100% legit.


Leo is Feedly's AI-powered assistant that can be trained to prioritize important articles, hide irrelevant news and follow topics that it predicts that matter to its users. It is an algorithm composed of a set of Neuro-linguistic programming and Machine learning and can read, understand and prioritize the content of your feeds. It is currently in beta, so, to start using Leo you will have to join the beta from the link below and answer some basic questions beforehand.

Join the Leo beta

As now you have some knowledge about Leo, in this update, it has learned new skills such as hiding duplicate articles and others that we do not have any information about yet because we have to wait to get approved for the assistant testing program.

Make sure to apply for Feedly's and its assistant Leo's betas as well to get all of the greatest features they have to offer right now, plus follow TestingCatalog there to get all of our daily app-related news and guides.

Source: Feedly Blog, Google Play

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