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Feedly for Android is one of the more popular RSS news reader applications, and in its latest beta v51 release on Google Play it gets a full interface redesign. This new UI is, to an extent, inspired by Google's Material Theming used in their products and customized to the punch to better represent Feedly's brand image and keep it unique.

As a result of the changes in the update we mentioned above, there is a new bottom navigation bar inside the app, with five options to choose from - Menu, Read Later, Today, Discover, and Power Search. Included are sleek new icons and Night Mode, which is great for your phone's battery life. You can easily enable it by tapping on the menu key in the bottom bar and selecting 'Night Mode' from the side panel, which opens afterward. The Night Mode in Feedly has embraced pure black as the main background color, which, honestly, I do appreciate very much.

The article view has also been cleaned up a lot. The icons for actions are placed at the top, so you can focus on your reading, without things being right on your face and interrupting you. An adaptive icon has been added too, which is always a nice thing to have. It lets you keep app icon shapes completely uniform on your homescreen and in your app drawer.

This version fixes issues for phones with notches and drastically improves performance, so operations like scrolling are noticeably smoother.

Feedly for Android v51 is another example of what good UI design is. I hope to see others following this new theming approach, initially led by Google.

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