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After Instagram, now it is time to do a January feature recap for Facebook on Android. All courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong, of course, so thank you, Jane! She has been able to find out many tiny and big design updates as well as other changes that Facebook is working on.

Facebook is going to switch to a complete white theme with a blue accent color, and the first proof for that is the fully-white splash screen of the app.

Another example for Facebook's soon to come UI refresh is the white action bar with gray icons. It is also coming to the Marketplace section and looks lovely. Perhaps, it matches the styling of the Messenger app.

The search page is another part of the app to get a well-deserved paint job.

Facebook's Selfie Mode is going to be renamed to "Selfie Effects" and will be available in other camera modes like Boomerang and Video.

A new interface for replies in Stories is in testing and it looks pretty much like a Messenger chat page rip-off. I am not sure if it is a good or a bad thing. Please, let me know what are your thoughts.

You can read more about it on Techcrunch, but in a nutshell - Facebook is paying users to install a VPN service to spy on them since 2016, which is extremely bizarre.

Facebook is going to display exact locations.

These are the majority of all noteworthy hidden changes and updates coming to Facebook that got leaked in January 2019.

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Credits: Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter @wongmjane

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