Facebook beta for Android Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

In October we got a couple of new scoops from @wongmjane on Twitter about recent internal tests in Facebook app. Revealed screenshots show new UI elements for Stories and Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay is only available in a limited set of countries. It allows users to send money to their friends, make purchases on Facebook, make donations or pay for Ads. The revealed UI screenshot shows that Facebook is trying to redesign the rest of it's UI following the latest UI redesign. This redesign took them almost half a year to roll out and there are still many parts of UI left unchanged.

Group Settings

The new group setting will allow group admins to control if users ca start a "Watch Party" in the group. I think that many Facebook users got annoyed by these Watch party notifications 😅

Stories UI

Revealed screenshots showcase a new screen where users can see all available stories in a grid view. Apart from that, there is a new "Add story" button design which appears if the user scroll stories to the left. Both changes seem more like a preparation for an A/B test and most probably will become available to some users at some point. It is interesting to see that Facebook is actively working on Stories feature trying to engage more users to use it.

I am still missing the option to share stories from Instagram to Facebook - this should be automatic from my point of view.

Do you use stories feature on Facebook?

Source: @wongmjane

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