Facebook Messenger beta for Android Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

This week there were some pretty important leaks about the new UI overhaul which is coming to Facebook Messenger for Android, revealed by the talented leaker Jane Manchun Wong, who you can find as @wongmjane on Twitter.

This article includes information about:

  • A new user interface
  • Dark Mode
  • AR Stickers
  • Emoji reactions
  • New actions
  • Photo Effects
  • "Add friend" pop-up

To begin with, the new interface looks very different compared to the current one. Some highlights are the white action bar-status bar combo, the bold titles and the improved Assistant UI, which now has its own shortcut in the main page. It is positioned next to the camera and the new message buttons on the right side, while the user avatar has been switched to the left side, and below are the search bar and the Stories bubbles. The Assistant page has also a large button to start giving voice commands and whenever you talk, there is an animation like on Google Assistant, while now the Assistant has the ability to recognize your friends’ names. It is supposed to make its debut with the launch of a home device by Facebook, but there is no other info about it for now. Another noticeable difference has to be the bottom panel, where the number of the tabs has been narrowed down to just three.

The best thing coming with the new interface is for sure the Dark Mode, which we all are a fan of. Though, we can safely call it Black Mode here, because the app background is black. Great stuff!

The changes are not limited to just the UI, as there are a couple of new features/additions we have to mention, which are coming to chats. The first one is AR Stickers, followed by emoji reactions, and Nudge and High Five actions, joining the old Wave action. Other than these, there are the new Effects, which are face filters that you can send to the one you are chatting with, and when he/she/they click(s) on them, it opens the Facebook camera with the filter already applied. Cool!

There is also a new prompt in testing, which asks you to send a friend request to people who you are talking on Messenger.

Guys, these are all in testing, so you all will have to wait for the official release, which no one knows when will happen. So, be patient!

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