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There is a new app on the horizon aiming to change the way people socialize. It is a browser, which collects all news sources and your social media feeds into a single one. It features a simple UI and allows adding comments and making a discussion about every article, social media post, video, and so on.

During our testing, we found some issues that need to be resolved and we have some suggestion for improving the user experience, plus a feature request.

Testing device info

  • Model: Huawei P8 - GRA-L09
  • OS: Android 6.0, EMUI 4.0.3
  • Build number: GRA-L09C109B379


We experienced some issues related to the search feature and content loading, so, here they are:

  • Slow content loading - e.g. 360° videos and all content in the search page
  • Sometimes there are no results for people, even if there were shown on a previous search with the same keyword.
  • Freeze when you switch between tabs before the content loads

Here are log files for the network issues: LOG1 and LOG2

Suggestions/feature requests

  • Adding multiple Feed sources is complicated
  • Duplicate sources shouldn't be allowed
  • Tapping the back button when you are in the Search page, Notifications closes the app - It should just go back until it reaches the home page.
  • Add a prompt saying "Are you sure that you want to exit?", or something similar.
  • The search bar for 'Your Circle' should be in the action bar. No need for the title there or adding an icon to enter search mode is also a viable option
  • The three-dot menu button should be horizontal because of the menu popping up from the bottom. The button should be in the action bar because it doesn't switch between pages like the other four do.
  • Add the 'Edit' and 'Select Feeds' icons on the same row as the search bar
  • Animate the search bar to hide at the same time the hamburger menu button does
  • Make the status bar icons dark. Also, the status bar background should be dark in the 'Tabs' screen.
  • The invite friends banner should be in full screen
  • Include a dark/black mode

Guys, please share with us your insights on Evry, and are you looking for the official release of this application.

  • Evry is a social web browser that lets you start discussions on any website
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