Enpass Password Manager Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

Enpass is a popular app with a secure vault for storing passwords and other sensitive information. The application is free and has a full-featured desktop version for Mac, Windows And Linux.

The beta version number 6 is a major update which brings many new features along with UI improvements.

Important notes for existing Enpass users.

The important note for existing Enpass users will be the fact that it has some incompatibilities with previous versions of Enpass v5 and Enpass beta v6.

Sync in Enpass v6 works entirely in new, efficient way and syncs to the different location than the previous versions released so far.

Apart from that, it is highly recommended to make a backup of your existing data to support the new architecture of v6. In case of upgrading from v5, you will also have to reconfigure your in-app settings.

New features.

What are the most exciting features of this update?

  • Multiple vaults.

This new feature allows you to create more than one vault at once. The main advantage of that (apart from decentralizing the data) will a possibility to share these vaults with others. It allows users to store personal data in one place and shareable (work) data in another. Additionally, these vaults can be shared via common cloud accounts which make this feature even more useful.

To create a new vault, go to app Enpass Settings > Vaults and follow the instructions to create your new vault.

  • Dark theme.

Many other apps are receiving dark themes these days to fit user needs and Enpass beta got it too. This setting can be found in Settings > General section > Use Dark Theme. This setting requires an app to be restarted. The dark colour is very soft and the fonts are contrast enough for the comfortable usage. Enpass app also has a favicons support which will automatically download favicons from websites to display them in the relevant spots of the UI.

Some other changes were listed in the official changelog on Google Play.

Here comes the beta of Enpass 6 with new UI and tons of new features like

  • Dark Theme
  • Multiple-vaults
  • Custom and FavIcons
  • Secure sharing using PSK
  • Trashing & Archiving items
  • Multiline fields
  • Localized in new languages

Don’t miss to test the Improved Autofilling!

More detailed changelog and features explanation can be found on the official Enpass forum.

This forum thread should be also used for leaving feedback and reporting issues in case if you faced any problems with the recent update.

This update also includes many bugfixes based on the community reports and It seems like the stable release of Enpass v6 is very close. We are looking forward to testing it out!

Source: Enpass Community Forum

  • Enpass offers you freedom from remembering too many passwords and other important credentials
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