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Days go on and on and yet again we are here with a new beta. Our latest app update comes from Discord - the IM for game lovers, but not only. The version 8.9.7 pre-release build is out now and next in line for our detailed feature breakdown coverage. But right before that, here we go with the quoted and slightly edited changelog from Google Play.

What's new

  • You can now long-press on URLs in chats to copy, share, or open them in a browser app.
  • "MADA-MADA": It doesn't matter how much power you have if you are too slow. Performance improvements to make things run smoother.
  • Status icons are more than just circles. They have their own quirks and shapes now.

To begin with our overview segment for this build, we must start by talking about the new in-chat URL management tools. In other words, now the Discord app for Android offers heaps more effortless ways for copying, sharing and opening links in browsers. Tapping on a web address reveals the aforesaid options in a small pop-up menu. Secondly, a UI alteration this time can be spotted in the status settings section, where every option now has a beautiful and vibrant icon to match. This allows for quicker choice-making because of human brains and their good image memorization abilities. And lastly and most importantly, added into the mix is another slew of noteworthy under-the-hood performance-related fixes and improvements.

From subtle design tweaks to new features, the messaging platform's client for our favorite OS is getting better and better with each new update. That's why you, our crew of beta-holic followers, should be gazing all the time at the updates tab in the Play Store, and also at TestingCatalog for updates and news akin.

Source: Google Play

  • Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers
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