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Discord is a messaging platform built from the ground up entirely for game fanatics. The Android app, on the other hand, features a simplified user interface coupled with the very "famous" these days dark mode option. It even comes enabled by default. Dark mode aside, there is now a new update for the app that has been released on the Google Play Store, which adds the support for in-app purchase as well as a number of much-needed bug fixes. The exact build number of the latest release is V8.6.6 and it comes with the following changelog.

What’s new

Since the dawn of time, man has dreamed of two things: Flight, and the ability to purchase Discord Nitro from a mobile app.

Discord Nitro is now available to purchase from within the mobile apps, and you can manage your billing and payment methods via the app as well.

A few bug fixes as well:

  • Downloading some images resulted in downloading an HTML file
  • Some malformed URLs would be recognized as links
  • Fixes a bug where our users couldn't give us money

By purchasing Discord Nitro's monthly/yearly subscriptions users get perks like unlimited access to great new game suggestions, ability to set custom Discord tags, uploading GIFs and HD videos with higher framerates, plus higher upload limits for your memes. Within the app, you can make purchases and also manage your billing and payment information.

Discord Nitro

Like we mentioned already, there have been bug fixes done to the app as well, e.g. broken files, malformed URLs and not working donations, so make sure to install this update on your devices to have a bug-free messaging experience on Discord.

Source: Google Play

  • Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers
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