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Microsoft's assistant, a rival to Google Assistant and Siri, has always been quite behind in terms of feature set and skills, and is still, sort of, even though Microsoft is trying harder than ever to catch them up. With that said, they have released a new beta update for Cortana, which brings some nice features that we will go into in a more detailed fashion, but before doing so, let's start with the changelog.


  • Sync tasks with Microsoft To-Do
  • New Cortana on Home screen

Microsoft To-Do integration

The first new feature in the latest Cortana update is related to Microsoft To-Do, where all of your personals tasks will get synced in between, so you can manage them with voice commands if you choose to.

Cortana on home screen

This particular option enables a trigger for Cortana, where you can see a music control widget, including shortcuts like asking her to read your emails, play the news and more, plus a voice command button. If you are installing the app for the firsts time, then you will get a prompt to turn on 'Cortana on home screen' or else you can toggle it on from the settings by going into the Phone settings section. From there you can select between three types of icons/triggers as well as switch on an option that makes Cortana automatically go away when another app gets opened.

That is it for this Cortana release. Please, stay tuned for more update reports like this.

Note: The features that we mentioned above happen to be already available for the stable v3.2.0.2485 release on Google Play, though, the most up-to-date one is still the aforementioned beta.

Microsoft To-Do Beta: TestingCatalog

Source: Apk Mirror, Google Play

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