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This week we got Chrome Beta v69 for Android coming with some interface updates and more. There are a couple of notable features we will briefly go through:

Notch support

2018 is the year of notched phones. We saw many "top-notch" devices from manufacturers like Huawei, LG and OnePlus coming with this popular design choice and the newly released Android Pie update also added proper support for it. Last year, after the iPhone X launch, Apple introduced some CSS attributes for web developers to have greater control over the notch area, now Google also adds support for the same CSS attributes. This means that websites optimized for the iPhone X should work on any Android phone with a notch. You can go ahead and enable this experimental API by going into the Chrome flags page and toggling the #enable-display-cutout-api chrome://flags/#enable-display-cutout-api option.

Media playback on Android Go

Android Go is a modified version of Android designed for devices with mere 1GB of RAM. As storage space is also a concern with many budget phones, and some devices might not have a media player pre-installed, this comes in handy. Due to Chrome being already pre-installed on most of the Android devices and supports media playback in many formats, why not use it as a fully fledged media player. On those devices, it appears as a target to open media files.

Note: Currently it's only compatible with devices running on Android 8.0+ with 1GB of RAM or less.

New download manager UI

The current Downloads page consists of a simple list of your downloaded files and a menu to switch between the types of files in the list. The new UI is a lot simpler with two tabs - one for files and one for saved articles. It can be enabled with the #download-home-v2 chrome://flags/#download-home-v2 flag.

These are some of the more important changes coming with Chrome v69 for Android. You can read the detailed changelog from here.

Source: Android Police

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