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Google Chrome got some very handy design improvements this year and now it is time for a new feature, which benefits only Indian users for the time being. What I mean by this is that the new 'Explore' tab is a content discovery page, where it suggests the user websites and right now they are all India-specific. Of course, this may be subject to change, knowing Google's track record. Some theories say that 'Explore' might become official with suggestions, based on the user's browser usage patterns and needs. Also, this may get removed too, because it is indeed totally experimental.

If you want to enable it, start Chrome on your Android device and type "chrome://flags" in the address bar. In the flags page search for an option named "Explore websites" and enable it. Restart Chrome and now should see some of the categories displayed on the home page of the app. Tapping on the MORE CATEGORIES button will bring up even more suggested websites.

This is not that useful right now, but if it becomes region-specific, it may be a hit. It is certainly Google, trying to bring content to you without you even searching for it.

Source: Android Police

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