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The Telegram app has gotten a record-breaking number of four major updates in the past two months and we are glad to see that there is such a dedicated development team behind it. The most recent update of the bunch is version 5.3 available both for Android and iOS, as always. It comes along with the so-called Chat Backgrounds 2.0, which does bring numerous customizability options and necessary refinements. First things first, let's go through the release notes and later on continue with our detailed overview for this release.


  • Apply blur and motion effects to chat backgrounds in Settings » Chat Settings » Chat Background.
  • Set custom colors as backgrounds and apply patterns.
  • Search for new backgrounds by color or topic.
  • Share and set backgrounds via links that work on all platforms.
  • Use backgrounds you set on one device on your other devices.
  • Enjoy a selection of new backgrounds.
  • Add some extra effects in the built-in photo editor (

Blur and motion effects

To create outstanding chat backgrounds, Telegram v5.3 allows you to apply motion effects and blur to images, therefore, when the motion toggle is on, chat backgrounds follow your movements. This is a subtle effect and at the same time an eye candy.

Custom colors and patterns

Custom colors can be set as backgrounds as well as patterns, with a slider added in to adjust the pattern opacity (intensity).

Search for backgrounds

As a bonus to all of the features we mentioned a bit earlier, the Telegram app offers an online search option for background pictures. You can search by color or by topic.

Share backgrounds via links

Furthermore, this release also adds a button that lets you share all of your custom background setups with others via links. Of course, you can apply backgrounds shared by others. The good news is that these work on all platforms and can be set to sync across devices. So, when you enter the Chat Settings, you will notice the share icon in the right corner of the action bar.

Granular font size slider

The last addition worth mentioning is the new slider that controls the font size for messages in chats. It can be found in the Chat Settings of Telegram, including all of the background-related settings above.

The v5.3 update is live on the Play Store already, so hurry up and install it ASAP. If you wish so, you can join our Telegram channel and grab the latest beta release instead, and stay in touch with news about Telegram.

Source: Telegram Blog

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