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BlackPlayer EX is the best local music player available for Android. It's the most customizable player, which has a beautiful UI with some very nice themes and coloring schemes. The latest beta release - v20.42 from July 12 comes with many small fixes to the Custom Audio Library and builds upon the previous releases. Now, let's go through the official changelog:

  • Increased the update rate of the seekbar in minimized now playing.
  • Fixed the new Album cover padding if seekbar was enabled.
  • Updated sorting of Tracks by Artists. Now sorts by album and track position after sorting by Artist.

Fixes & improvements for the new Custom Audio Library:

  • Added 'Aggressive scanning' setting - when enabled, BlackPlayer will scan more frequently in the background, detecting new audio files much faster automatically.
  • Newer version of ID3 tagging library to fix multiple artists bug.
  • Fixed the Sorting actions in the settings - it was changing the sorting of the Android Audio library before.
  • Fixed the setting 'Track Album Cover Change' for the new Custom Audio library, was not working before. (Found in Interface Settings - General - More...)
  • Added .oga file scanning.
  • The "Reload Tag info" now tries to find an album cover if the album has none.
  • Skipping scanning of "/storage/sdcard0" to protect against duplicate tracks.

The previous releases of v20.42 contain these additions/changes:

  • All new users now get the new Custom Audio library by default!
  • Moved "Custom Audio library" settings into "Metadata" settings category.
  • Added option to view genres as a "Grid".
  • Centered the text of the bottom minimized Now Playing. This can be changed back in "Minimized Now Playing" settings.
  • Added option to add extra space at the bottom of Now Playing page.
  • Minor fix to "Dominate UI" in Album page, and landscape Now Playing page.
  • Tried to improve the performance of "Adaptive UI" Now playing background for some users.
  • Bugfix with Playlists import - could cause some tracks to not be imported.
  • Single Playlist import is now done in the background to prevent freezing.
  • Added option to reduce the size of the cover in the bottom minimized Now Playing page - It can be enabled from Settings - Minimized Now Playing - Extra Cover padding
  • Added option in Now Playing settings to disable the gradient of "Dominate UI".
  • Added aggressive scanning - When enabled, BlackPlayer will scan more frequently in the background (for the new Custom Audio library).
  • Updated sorting tracks by artists - Now sorts by album and track position after sorting by artist.
  • Bugfixes for the new Custom BlackPlayer audio library.
  • Translation update.

One of the latest features added is the Dominate UI (should be renamed to Dominant UI), which is based on the coloring style for media notifications on Android Oreo. It looks dope and pretty at the same time, but still needs some improvements.

You can see from the screenshots my setup with Dominate UI on and the Stock 2 theme. Also, the background for the library and settings is set to black.

Bug: The lyrics are not visible with the latest update and also whenever I try to open a songs tag info from Settings - Advanced - ID3 Tag Viewer, the app crashes. - FIXED

Note: The app should also ask for SD card write access upon setup, or when the SD card is changed.

Tell us about your setup in the comments section, or go ahead and write it as a report on our website

  • BlackPlayer Exclusive - Premium MP3 Music Player
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