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Telegram is my favorite cloud-based instant messaging app because of its simple user interface and the great level of functionality it has to offer. It also uses end-to-end encryption for sending and receiving messages and does not pack intrusive ads as Facebook Messenger does.

Its clients for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux are all fully open-source, allowing anyone to fork the sources and build their own variants and contribute to the project by adding newer localizations or helping improve the current ones, assist with fixing bugs and provide fresh design ideas. Speaking of design ideas, there is a new official Telegram channel dedicated especially for that. The development team behind Telegram will choose the best concepts for new UI layouts and animations and share them on the channel. Perhaps, some of those may get implemented in future updates of the mobile apps as well.

At the time of writing there is only a handful amount of design concepts, so we did pick up a few that look quite promising.

  • Workspaces

Suggested by @am0040 and named "Workspaces", this layout would allow users to switch quickly between groups of people by tapping on a dropdown menu in the action bar.

  • Hideable categories

This idea comes from @jonaaron and lets users collapse chat sections such as Channels and Friends, so the chats page looks less cluttered. They can be expanded back too.

  • Hidden tabs

@shchuchkin has suggested another similar concept, but this one differs a bit because it adds hideable tab buttons and would allow you to access them by just swiping down. His mockup video shows tabs names like Everything, Unread, People, Groups, etcetera.

  • Chat sections

Another interesting idea is about a row of tabs again in the chats page but with differentcategories this time - All, Family, News, Crypto and Sport. The person behind this one is @daa24.

If you would like to suggest a new UI change such as a unique and pretty layout or an animation(s), please, do not hesitate to send your mockups to the @design_bot and wait for the admins to share them on the Telegram Designers channel.

More Telegram news can be found in our TGTester channel 📲

Source: Telegram Designers

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