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Antivirus software programs are deemed quite necessary these past decades because of all of the vulnerabilities hidden in all operating systems, applications, drivers and so on. On Android, you may find so many malicious apps and whatnot, and according to Google's reports in recent news, they have removed hundreds or even more apps from the Play Store due to having malicious code.

By installing AVG you get the assurance of being always in good hands, plus many additional features while many of them are completely free to use. Here are some of the more eye-catching ones:

  • Virus scanner

Scans every single app installed on your device and the websites you visit for malware.

  • Task killer

Stops unwanted background processes from running so that your device performs faster.

  • Power-saving mode

When your battery level drops to a certain percentage, it automatically disables some connectivity features and more to prolong battery use.

  • Cache cleaner

Removes temporary files to open up some room for storing other files.

  • App locker (with fingerprint support)

You can lock all of your desired applications and AVG will require a PIN, a password or a fingerprint authentication to unlock them.

  • Photo vault

It lets you hide any private image from curious and unwanted eyes.

  • Built-in VPN

Encrypts your data sent through all Wi-FI networks to keep your information confidential at all times.

  • Firewall

With the Firewall enabled, you can block apps from accessing the Internet and not eating up your mobile data plan.

  • App insights

Provides you with detailed stats about what apps you spend the most time using, how much data those consume and the permissions each of them requires.

  • Locate your lost device

With AVG you can locate your lost phone and send SMS commands to it to for easy remote management.

AVG for Android has a mildly torn down interface to keep things quickly accessible to the user, while still packing a hecka ton of features. By clicking the link below you get a TestingCatalog special discount offer at 20% for the Ultimate edition, so be sure to give it a go.

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