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The last stable release, version, for Telegram X delivered an enormous amount of notification-related upgrades that you can learn more about from this blog post. Since then, numerous test builds have been made available on the Play Store for signed early adopters, with the most up-to-date one being at the time of writing this article. Alas, these betas have packed in tons of fixes including some nifty features that may catch your fancy. We have gone through the release notes for the past 9 builds and created a summary list with the most exciting news about the app. beta

  • Option to change the Emoji Set
  • Option to clear installed Emoji Sets
  • Reincarnation of Blobs 🤔 beta

  • Reworked text rendering. For default text size nothing should have changed visually. For others:
  • Proper bubble height calculation
  • Proper touch detection
  • Proper link press highlighting
  • More comfortable line spacing while using larger text sizes
  • Any system font should work properly inside message texts & media captions

  • Reworked emoji rendering:

  • Emojis are now slightly bigger
  • Better positioning, especially in chats list and message input
  • While using larger text sizes, emojis will now position properly
  • Faster emoji rendering
  • Smoother scrolling in the emoji keyboard
  • Added little spacing between twitter emojis

  • Text size now affects link previews as well

  • Optimized options menu animation beta

  • Big emoji when there are only a few of them in a message and they are the only content (+ an option to disable this behavior)
  • Changed the medium font used when "Use system fonts" is enabled
  • Improved internal error reporting for TDLib issues beta

  • Much faster text & emoji processing while typing a message
  • "Copy" for messages preserves markdown as well
  • Slightly increased Big Emoji size when using text size smaller than the default one

So, in a nutshell, Telegram X now calculates placements of text, emojis and other UI elements in a completely different way, thus noticeably improving speed, scrolling performance as well as touch recognition precision. Moreover, the app has an option in the Themes and Chats settings to change the preferred emoji set. Currently, you can choose between 8 different emoji styles: Apple, Google, JoyPixels (EmojiOne), Twitter, Samsung, Microsoft, Blob (by Google), and Facebook. On a side note, Blob emojis were dropped out by Google with the launch of Android Oreo back in 2017 in favor of circular ones, similar to other platforms. But back on topic, the Interface Options section inside the settings houses a new toggle to enable big emojis, as the main Telegram client has.

Telegram X news channel

Telegram X Play Store beta sign up form

Telegram X Android support group

Source: Telegram

  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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