Facebook beta for Android Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

As you already know, Facebook is all about A/B testing. We were able to gather a list with many released and unreleased features. Please, tell us in the comments if you got them. Let's see what's new:

Facebook and Messenger

  • 'Watch' and 'Your Profile' tabs are showing up for some users. Also, the 'Watch' feature is being rolled out in some countries.
  • Talent Show - Users can submit covers of popular songs for others to vote and review, similar to Musically.
  • Avatar stickers for Messenger - Similar to Apple's Animojis. Supports custom skin tone, hair style, hair color, headwear, face shape, nose, mouth, facial hair, facial hair color, eye shape, eye color, eyewear, eyebrows, eyebrow color, body shape, outfit settings.
  • Stories Highlights on Profiles - disappearing photos, like on Snapchat
  • Interactive polls and graphics for videos
  • New emoji designs
  • New profile page with round profile photo placeholder
  • Comment pining for all posts
  • Camera shutter button in the photo/video picker for taking quick snaps
  • Redesigned Life Events creator
  • Ad Archive API - It is supposed to keep advertising on Facebook more transparent. Planned to be used during political elections to make ad analyzing easier for researchers and journalists.
  • New tools for fundraisers

Facebook Dating

  • Genders - Woman, Trans Woman, Man, Trans Man and Non-binary are selectable
  • Questions

Facebook Portal smart speaker

  • Support for pairing Facebook's unreleased home device via Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi
  • New Aloha voice assistant for Facebook, Messenger and their future smart speaker named 'Portal'

*Huge Thank You! to @wongmjane and @MattNavarra on Twitter for the info.

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