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The Google app is updated with many Assistant related features which are in development for now and aren't available. There is a new Assistant voice coming and the At a glance widget goes out of beta.

Cameo Assistant voice

As Google recently switched to a color-based naming scheme for Assistant voices, there's now a new one called "Cameo". Cameo stands for a very light beige color that borders yellow. It could be a possible reference to the famous musician John Legend's cameo that he is set to make in Assistant with his voice. It can also be another regional voice too.

<string name= ”assistant_settings_voice_selection_cameo_voice”>

At a glance out of beta

The Google app introduced back in April the At a glance widget from Pixel Launcher to all Android devices and now it's out of beta. The "beta" word actually was dropped in version 8.12 from last week, because the "Feed" widget is going to be deprecated soon.

<string name= ”smartspacewidget_name”>At a glance</string>

Google Assistant Car settings

Google Assistant is already available on cars, but might soon appear in the Devices list of Assistant settings to access various preferences.

<string name= ”assistant_car_preference”</string>

<string name= ”assistant_settings_car_title”</string>

Family Sharing

There's a new feature coming, which is set to be used for adding additional info about people living with you. It's called "Family Sharing".

<string name= ”assistant_settings_personal_info_household_title”>

Your people

Btw, a “Your people” named feature briefly went live and was shortly removed. When it's ready, it will let users “Forget details about” any added contact.

<string name= ”assistant_settings_your_people_forget_option_content_description”>

<string name= ”assistant_settings_your_people_overflow_content_description”>

Search in settings

It's still under development, but a text was there and in this update, it was renamed from “Search or Type in Setting” to just “Search in settings.”

<string name= ”settings_search_bar_hint”>Search in settings</string>

Google Duo for Smart Displays

Ahead of the launch this month, Google now lets you add your Google Duo account to a Smart Display. “Voice and Video calls” is now separated into two menus, with the latter detailing the functionality for the new Assistant form factor and letting users pair an existing account.

Notification history

The added strings point out that a notification history card will be coming, and it will show the app icon the notification comes from. Tapping an app icon will directly open the corresponding app and will also note the person name, to whom the message was sent to.

<string name= ”read_notification_history_card_app_btn_description”>

<string name= ”read_notification_history_card_app_btn_text”>

<string name= ”read_notification_msg_history_card_sent_to_with_name”>

New Assistant conversation bubble design

There’s a thinner conversation bubble design with sharp top edges.

New Top Apps icon

There's a new icon for the Top Apps tab. This tab was introduced in the last release.

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Source: 9to5Google

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