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With the continuous stream of alpha builds for the upcoming launch of Lawnchair Launcher version 2 that is yet to come as a stable release, the developers are doing their best at squashing every tiny bug that may occur and they are optimizing the app to comply with the changes that Google introduced with Android Pie and its revamped navigation system, home screen and recent UI combo. The most up-to-date version of Lawnchair is alpha-721 and brings the following improvements/fixes:


  • Added blur and dark theme to dock search bar
  • Added Kelvin temperature unit
  • Improved toggling blur
  • Fixed crash during app installation
  • Fixed keyboard input in color picker
  • Fixed broken app suggestions
  • Fixed weather not displaying for negative temperature

If you would like to enable the experimental dark search bar option, head into the Search section inside its settings and you will see the respective option for it at the very bottom of the page. Note that toggling the switch does not take effect every time. The next new option is using Kelvin as a preferred temperature unit, which you can turn on right from the Home widget page in the settings again.

Alpha builds for Lawnchair are being officially released on the Lawnchair v2 builds channel on Telegram, so be sure to subscribe to it to get notified when a new build is up.

Source: Telegram

  • Lawnchair, bringing Pixel Features to the masses
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