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Third-party launcher app support is very high on the list with top reasons for someone to choose an operating system like Android when buying a new smartphone - something that you cannot find, perhaps, on iOS. With that said, here we are yet again with another update this time for the well-known Action Launcher. There is a pretty darn long changelog posted on Action Launcher's website covering every bit of change for version 38.0 beta, which has gotten four individual betas for us to take a look at, with the latest three focusing mainly on bug fixes.


  • beta4

NEW: Add "Settings -> App drawers -> All Apps -> Advanced -> Show tips" option.

FIX: Fix detection when dragging to delete a Home screen on devices such as Pixel 3 XL with a large notch.

FIX: Misc. fixes.

  • beta3

FIX: Misc. fixes.

  • beta2

FIX: Fix crash accessing Icon indicator and Unread badge settings on certain devices.

FIX: Fix crash when new look tooltips display with legacy style app shortcuts enabled.

FIX: Misc. stability fixes.

  • beta1

NEW: Revamp the app's overall look & feel, embracing Pie's color and styling.

NEW: Completely overhauled the app settings. All settings are now grouped logically, display previews, and helpful tips will take you to the option you need.

NEW: Add search to settings, allowing you to locate and even change settings via search.

NEW: Added the 2018 Supporter Badge, including five bonus wallpapers!

NEW: Proper infinite scrolling for Dock and Home screens.

NEW: Use Pixel Launcher styling for All Apps search bar.

NEW: Add icons to Shutter, Cover and folder popup menu items.

NEW: The "Lock device" shortcut trigger has been restored. Requires the Action Launcher Plugin app to be installed.

NEW: Add dedicated switch for disabling the Dock.

NEW: Add setting to allow Text labels to be hidden in All Apps drawer.

NEW: Fine-grained Quicktheme color support for Desktop shortcuts, Shutters, folders and All Apps folder background colors.

NEW: Add setting to allow easy placement of an All Apps shortcut on Home screens.

NEW: Allow Desktop shortcuts to be sorted by name.

NEW: Overhaul app's initial first run experience.

IMPROVEMENT: So as to comply with Google's Project Strobe user privacy requirements, the READ_CALL_LOG and READ_SMS permissions are no longer requested or used. Unread badge counts for the Phone and SMS apps now fetch their counts from notifications. Notification dot functionality remains unchanged.

IMPROVEMENT: Settings display correctly when using the device has a large text size set.

IMPROVEMENT: Improve All Apps app suggestions when first installing the app.

IMPROVEMENT: Add hints to app functionality to the launcher itself, including helpers to Colorize Shutters/folders and create All Apps folders.

IMPROVEMENT: After a period of unuse, Action Launcher displays default Home screen and dock pages.

FIX: Fix ability to create an empty All Apps folder when editing an existing folder's contents.

FIX: Fix dock icon spacing not updating upon its setting being changed.

FIX: Lots of misc. bug fixes and general performance improvements & optimizations.

The most notable changes come with the revamped settings interface, which visually derives from the settings app on Android 9 Pie, with round icons to accompany every single menu item and a lighter color scheme to match. The settings have also been re-categorized from scratch, so everything is right where it belongs to. They include live preview windows, tips and can be searched thoroughly. The Quicktheme gets some more fine-tuning options as well, while the initial setup menu does get some needed attention too with a complete UI overhaul.

Action Launcher looks to be another example of a great design meeting a top-level functionality, as they go hand-in-hand. Be sure to try out version 38.0 before its official release by installing it from Google Play, and if you find something that does not work for you, or does not seem right, report it to the developer so he can crack down those problems as soon as possible.

Source:, Google Play

  • Android has many custom launchers. Most focus on endless customizations, but Action Launcher strives to create a better experience
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