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Telegram's second, sort of official, messaging client for Android has received a couple of updates recently. The newest of the bunch is version RC from June 5th, with the 'RC' moniker which stands for release candidate, meaning that the build is near production ready.

Apart from dozens of bugs squashed, Telegram X now comes with Hungarian localization, plus many needed improvements to the welcome screen after signing up and the initial importing process of your contacts list. Moreover, following the OG Telegram app, the X now bakes in support for channel messages in groups, letting you connect one channel with a group. Then, once you share a post on your channel, it is going to be automatically forwarded to the connected group, and pinned at the same time.

Besides, here are the full release notes for those who are interested. RC

Telegram X is now available in Hungarian.

  • Supported channel messages in groups (messages, chats list, notifications)
  • links open in browser
  • Improved welcome screen after signing up & importing contacts
  • Downgraded libtgvoip to 2.4.4 in beta track (same as in stable)
  • Fixed crash after finishing a call

Updated TDLib

  • Channel messages in groups
  • Fixed crashes

If you have recently started experiencing crashes in the stable version (caused by Telegram's server changes,) join the beta to get this version faster. RC

  • The in-app browser is used for links as well when enabled
  • Updated TDLib: fixed crashes

  • Changes above
  • Fixed two internal crashes RC

Updated TDLib

  • Potentially fixed the message syncing issue
  • Fixed "Requested data is inaccessible" in stickers archive when all of the sticker sets are banned
  • Fixed a couple of other bugs

Source: Telegram - 1, 2

  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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