Nuclear Reaction Unreleased Community Report

App Version 1.0 Takes 78,11mb of device memory The device used for test: "one plus one 64gb", android 6.0.1


  • Tutorial is present and it has cople steps to learn app;
  • Registration is comfortable;
  • Nice concept idea and realization;
  • Well made mechanic of game;
  • Attractive "loading" screen.


  • There is no navigation buttons during gameplay (home, pause, special actions);
  • Not working feature "play with computer".


  • App used Without them.


  • Add ability to sign in with facebook, google+ or email;
  • Add little menu on gameplay screen (buttons: home, pause);
  • Change background color from blue to any other like orange/red/brown/dark-blue in main app menu (but buttons must be in contrast with background).
  • A strategy game for 2 to 8 players
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