Telegram X Beta - Alternative client for Android Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

I recently discovered a Telegram App unique features list made by one of Telegram App beta testers. Thanks to @Gensetti

This list is the reason why you may want to consider to use Telegram X App over normal Telegram client. I found it a quite interesting to read and I want to share it here.

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  • Set old profile pictures as current
  • Forward as copy
  • Customize unread messages count badge
  • Log in with more than 3 accounts
  • Automatic data saver
  • More options for passcode locks (Pattern, gesture)
  • Ability to directly set every lock method without starting with PIN or password
  • Enable/disable passcode invisibility
  • Enable/disable Bubbles mode (and the ability to set bubbles mode only for chats or channels)
  • Show previews for text sizes options
  • More built-in themes
  • Hold-to-preview for chats
  • Custom vibrations option
  • Reduce motion option (not clear whether "enable animations" does the same in Telegram for Android)
  • Enable/disable swipe to reply/share
  • Enable/disable hiding keyboard on chat scroll
  • Customize markdown settings
  • Open all supported link in Instant View (with customization)
  • Enable/disable incognito keyboard in secret chats
  • Enable/disable HQ Round Videos
  • Enable/disable start Round Videos with a rear-facing camera
  • Enable/disable prompt before calling
  • Different forwarding behavior
  • "select" option by tapping a message
  • "share" button when long click an URL
  • "view message" button in the preview for links containing a picture
  • Camera button in chat to quickly shot and send a picture
  • Swipe on camera/attachment button to open an in-app camera
  • Every chat (sort by cache dimension) shown in storage settings
  • Share, archive or copy stickers pack link by tapping on a sticker in chat
  • "save to gallery", "save GIF" and "show in chat" options in full-screen GIFs
  • Scrolling right and left in a full-screen GIF will make you navigate through all GIFs in chat
  • Rotate videos before sending (even after capturing them with in-app camera)
  • The icon for trending stickers is always shown at the start in stickers menu (in chat). The legacy client shows it at starts only when new trending packs are available.
  • Full-screen preview (with a long tap) for GIFs (saved and inline)
  • Sticker preview shows all the emojis associated with the sticker (like TDesktop)
  • Opening a media from the media tab, you can see at the bottom the preview for the other media, like albums.
  • Faster in downloading messages and some other cases
  • "copy", "copy link" and "share" options for the username in every profile
  • "copy link" option in public supergroups for all members
  • Double timestamps (action timestamp and message timestamp) in recent actions
  • Clear cache (delete from internal memory) for singular media
  • In private chats (and basic groups) the option for deleting the message for the other is selected by default
  • URL markdown [text](URL)
  • Debug: read all unread chats
  • Option to call by phone or Telegram when choosing "call" after tapping on a shared contact
  • "copy link", "archive pack" and "delete pack" options with a long press on a sticker in the stickers bar
  • Button to avoid sending pictures/videos as albums without opening the gallery from attachment menu
  • See unread messages for the other accounts in the preview
  • Quick toggle in the main menu to switch to Night mode
  • When you share some types of files from other apps (like PDFs), Telegram X sends the title as the caption, while legacy client sends two separate messages
  • Mute/unmute a chat without opening it
  • Option to destroy group without entering in group info
  • Full-screen pictures in channels (without bubble mode)
  • Choose separate themes for different accounts
  • Hold accounts to preview chats list, without triggering online status
  • Hold accounts to quickly sign out, without triggering online status
  • Hold & swipe up to change account position in the list
  • Night theme for a map with Auto-Night mode support
  • Foursquare button in the message menu
  • The realtime distance between you and another party when sharing live location to each other
  • Animated typing, upload, and other actions
  • When receiving a sticker or photo, peek system notification to see it without opening
  • Swipe up an emoji to apply Skin Tone to all other emojis
  • Hold pinned chat & swipe up to change its position
  • Phone numbers highlighted in texts
  • Preview images and GIFs before sending in the inline bot results
  • Hold or tap chat picture to open without a need to open profile
  • Options to choose "None", "All chats", "Non-muted only" at Settings > Notifications > Unread messages count badge
  • Chat Admins can dismiss pinned message only for themselves
  • Undo pinned message dismiss via Three-dot menu > Pinned Message
  • People suggestions on calls tab
  • If last seen doesn't fit, you will be able to see most important part anyway
  • Hold inline buttons with links for fast copy/share
  • See the preview for a public/group even clicking on the group/channel private link (like TDesktop)
  • "select in between" button to select all messages between two posts
  • Clickable links/usernames in bio
  • The exact number of contacts
  • While editing a message, you still see the name of chat, profile picture and last seen/number of members


  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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