Kaspersky Secure Connection: VPN service beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This is a second Kaspersky app in beta. This app allows you to connect to the VPN in order to secure your internet connection and also it can give you an access to some blocked resources. It chooses a country of VPN tunnel automatically and you will need to buy a subscription in case if you want to choose a country by yourself. It also has a limit of 300 mb which can be extended by the subscription.

The app itself is done very well. There are no major issues but I still have some small notes.


  • Social icons on the about page open a web browser instead of a native intents to the relevant apps.
  • Session id is empty on the session stats pop up. If the user will start a secure session and tap on the notification from the status bar, he will see a stats of the current connection. In case if the amount of consumed traffic is different from the total amount, it is not very clear that this data is for the current session only. With the filled session id it should be less confusing.

Not an issue of the app itself but on some web sites you may start facing 408 errors.

In addition to that I liked a possibility to choose apps where I want to start VPN connection automatically.

  • Kaspersky Secure Connection service allows you to connect to the Internet safely, by encrypting all data sent and received through the network
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