Movies Under 5 Bucks Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This app allows you to buy movies under 5$ on Amazon. It has a very simple UI which shows you a list of movies. The app is not Native but performance is acceptable. I like the app concept and app logo too.

Here is the list of Issues I found:

  • [Low] There is no warning if the device doesn't have an internet connection. App just shows empty tabs.
  • [High] Open movie page on Amazon - press watch trailer - leads to the ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME webview error because it has "http://intent://watch..." URL (Screen)
  • [Low] Movie image, name and price are not clickable. It would be better to make them clickable and open related Amazon page onClick.
  • [High] Add items to the card from the BR&DVD app page - press GO TO CARD button - leads to the Amazon page which says that Shopping card is empty. It looks like the app is not synced with Amazon properly. The user should see added items in his shopping cart on the Amazon website.
  • [Medium] There is no way to login to Amazon from the app. There should be a link to the Amazon login page where the user can log in.
  • [Low] Sharing intents (twitter, facebook...) are opening social networks in the browser instead of launching native apps. The user will have to log in one more time to be able to share something while he is logged in already in the native app.

An additional option for this app would be to just link to Amazon website and open it in the native default browser where the user could be already logged in.

Happy Testing!

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