Tagsom Edutainment Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This is a Unity game for kids. It has a collection of stories with 3 different levels. The user can view a short story about some topic and pass several different quizzes after that.

Game design is quite good and in-game pictures are ok. The game also has a common UI design which is good. The user will be asked to register at the beginning. This step is mandatory and it is not very clear why. I can say for sure that it will lead to the lower conversion and some additional 3 stars ratings. Many users prefer to be able to see the core functionality of the app before exchanging their personal information. I would let users access at least one story before asking for the registration.

After the first launch, the game starts loading additional assets (which is fine). After the registration, I wasn't able to press the Play button on the main screen because it didn't react to my actions. I manage to do that once after the restart and after the second restart, I faced the same problem. I tried to reinstall the app and clear the cache. After this, I hit the same problem once again. The Play button started working properly only around after five restarts. I was checking Android logs during this time and didn't notice any Unity errors.

Not sure if it is related to the Authorisation but if it is - it will be one more reason to not to ask the user to login at the beginning. The first game launch after installation is the most important part for the user where he will decide if he will keep this app installed or not. If the app asks you to register and stops reacting to user actions after that - it will lead to the Uninstallation and low rating.

Registration flows:

  • Registration flow works.
  • Password reset flow works.


  • [Low] Slow data loading after the first launch - it looks like it stuck and also "downloading text.." overlays "version.." text on Pixel XL2. (Screen)
  • [Low] There is no space before "This.." letter on the Sign-Up screen. (Screen)
  • [Critical] The game hangs in the main menu (occurred more than 10 times). I was able to reproduce it only after the game installation.
  • [High] One time the game stuck after appearing "story asset is ready to use" popup. "OK" button stopped working.
  • [Medium] Sound button doesn't do anything in the Story play mode. It is not clear why is it needed there.
  • [Medium] Next text message button doesn't work in the Story play mode sometimes. I faced this issue around 3 times out of 30.
  • [Low] "Share" text on the share button on the main screen doesn't fit button layout in Russian. (Screen)
  • [Low] First stories are a bit questionable - kids are going to be told that all living things are going to die and also there are topics about blood and microbes. Maybe it would make more sense to start with something more positive and exciting. This is just a side note.
  • [Medium] The money button on the top right doesn't work.
  • [Low] Purchased stories selection screen has pagination which shows that there are 4 more pages (at the bottom of the screen) even if there is only one story available. (Screen)
  • [Low] Purchased stories selection screen has a level selection button but it always shows "living things" level (it is visible when levels 2 or 3 are selected). Is it expected? It looks a bit confusing because it is not clear what is the difference between those levels from the information on this screen.
  • [Low] "Living things" questions - pronounce answer variant button (with sound icon) is a checkbox and it becomes gray after the second press. The user has to tap twice if he wants to repeat pronunciation.

My core suggestions would be:

  • To optimize the first user experience and make sure that all buttons are reacting on the user actions after the first launch.
  • To remove mandatory registration step from the beginning to improve conversion rate. It looks like it will take a lot of work and you will receive fewer emails in the end but from the other side, those emails don't worth a low rating.

If those two things will be optimized, it would make sense to start looking into further optimization and monetization strategy. For me, it feels like one free story is not enough to make the user buy more (needs to be tested).

Happy Testing!

  • Help your kids in enhancing their learning skills in a fun way
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