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The mobile app version:

Amplify v1.0

The device used for test:

One plus one 64gb (android 6.0.1)


  • Nice app icon
  • FB login method
  • Nice way to increase number of friends from different social resources


  • Button "log in with Facebook" doesn't work correctly
  • I didn't get access to the main menu of the app to try it 100℅ because of bug
  • There was no any tutorial about the main features of app
  • The list of social resources is very small, only 4 apps, suggest to add more (google+, linkedin, vk, others..)


Open app > tap on the button 'log in with Facebook' > continue as user's nickname (skyhood) > the first screen 'log in with Facebook'.

Date: 16 Mar 2018
Author: Jurij S

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