Tagsom Edutainment Beta Community Report

The mobile app version:

Tagsom v1.1.2

The device used for test:

One plus one 64gb (android 6.0.1)


  • High-quality design
  • User-friendly atmosphere
  • A lot of stories
  • 4/5 mark for localization (Russian)
  • Two modes: for parents and children


  • There is no button "pause" while story playing (recommend to add this)
  • Menu buttons could be larger (+75% or +100%)
  • Some management buttons could be hidden from kids in stories menu (share/unlock all/restore stories)
  • There available only 5 different localization in the app (add some new ones to make your app really worldwide: Chinese, Ukrainian, German and others)
  • Help your kids in enhancing their learning skills in a fun way
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