Top5d - create, share and compete with top 5 lists Unreleased Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

Top5d is an app where you can create lists with top 5 things of whatever you want. It is a kind of social network where you can follow other people and like their lists.


App Idea

I like it a lot. It is useful and quite unique. Not that very entertaining because browsing a lot of lists of text might be a bit boring but this problem can be solved at some point. This idea is also big and has a lot of potentials. Usually, I don't point into this but here I must - this app might get 3 times more out of it if it would be a native Android app. Current execution looks fine but that's it. It could be awesome as a native app. I do understand all the reasons behind a decision to go with a cross-platform solution but in fact, there are not many successful hybrid apps out there. If it is just an idea validation, it also can be done with only one platform at the beginning. From my experience, there is at least 1-star difference between native and non-native implementation, which is a lot.

Will I use it?

As a social media app - I will not. Mostly because of what I mentioned already about the native app. Simply I don't believe that it will skyrocket in its current form.

What is the most useful feature here?

Lists are popular among the social media influencers. This a good way to create a useful and re-sharable content. For me, it would be a really helpful feature if I will be able to create images with those lists and download them to my device. So I will be able to share them on other social media.


  • A photo size limit is too small. For example, I cannot attach a photo because the size of it is above the limit.
  • There is no padding in the top navigation bar. It feels like it is not fit a device screen properly. Screen.
  • It is not possible to change tabs by swiping left and right on the profile page.
  • Add list + button has a square shadow. Screen.
  • Like, follow and other buttons sometimes have a long delay. It is not clear if it was clicked after the tap and the user have to click one more time to make sure that it was.
  • The list of open source libraries is empty. It can be removed.
  • Open user profile > copy profile URL returns a link to the API ""
  • List item creation is not very easy because of auto search functionality. It becomes hard to fill all fields especially if internet connection is slow. Personally, I don't find this auto search feature very useful and I would prefer to have a switch for it.
  • There is no limitation on the number of characters in the List name. Long list name will overflow out of its section. Screen.
  • Pressing Back button after list creation will bring a user back to the edit screen. If the user will press submit button, the list will be created the second time. Pressing Back button after list creation shouldn't bring a user back to the Edit screen. The user should be moved to the previous Application screen before the Editing flow.
  • Social share menu item in the List card menu duplicates a share icon button on the same card.
  • Overal UI elements size is too small.
  • The shadow around List card icon buttons doesn't make those buttons contrast enough. I would try to switch their colors and make button backgrounds red and Icons white.
  • Profile icons and bottom menu icons look like low-resolution images.
  • The user receives push notifications about his own actions (likes and changes) which is annoying. Those actions should be ignored. In addition, there should be an opt-out setting for push notifications.
  • Clicking on the Profile bottom nav icon refreshes the page. Pressing a back button after it will just refresh the page again instead of moving the user to the previous screen.
  • Open challenges tab > press + icon button > press back button > press + icon button again. Plus "+" icon button stops responding to user touches after that.
  • List creation dialog is named "Create ranking". It is not very clear what kind of ranking is that. I would be clearer to name it "Create Top5 List" or something like that.

I also did a small stress test which passed successfully.

If the app will be refactored to the native Android app I will be happy to do a free regression test 😀 Anyway, this app is worth trying and it has a very interesting concept. I really like that. Happy testing!

  • Let your voice be heard using the power of top 5 lists!
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