Top5d - create, share and compete with top 5 lists Unreleased Community Report

The device used for test: One plus one 64gb (android 6.0.1)


App version: Top5d v1.0


  • A wide variety of sign-in methods (Google+, Facebook, Email).
  • Pretty good colours used in the app.
  • No critical issues.
  • Nice social app which may help to find employees (suggest to add a search button and use those top5d feed as an advertisement for people who want to find a job).


  • Font used for filing username during the registration (Facebook) in special field is very small (I suggest to increase it by 150-200℅)
  • Hard way to create a new post, "+" button at the bottom center of the main menu.
  • Tutorial is missing, I suggest adding some small presentation of the main features of the app.


Edit profile > name/username/email (the text was cut, see my screenshots).

  • Let your voice be heard using the power of top 5 lists!
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