Tiny Issue Tracker - Project Planning Done Smart Unreleased Community Report

The device used for test: One plus one 64gb (android 6.0.1)


App version: Tiny issue tracker v0.10.4


  • Well designed app icon
  • Nice usability (left bar menu switches by swipe
  • I'm keen on colors used in-app, awesome minimalistic design
  • Specific original realized idea
  • Navigation hints were present when the first launch of app


  • Advertisement is present in app (small banner down the screen)
  • A lot of useless buttons in settings (my account, premium features), suggest you integrate them more deeply and intuitive (account settings could open when tapping on profile picture whereas separate button)
  • A lot of submenu layers when setting up new project and what to do
  • Suggest adding one 'hello' picture with main goals of app at the beginning


  • App was crashed once after setting up tasks in the project tab
  • With its smart project planning, tracking & issue management features, Tiny Issue Tracker is a free, simple, yet powerful tool for management of problems, tasks, and ideas during the realization of any project
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