Windows Dev Center beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This is a ximarin cross platform app for windows Dev center.

On the first page I was asked to enter my Hotmail credentials. When I entered my email I got a message that now I will be redirected to the Microsoft login page. For some reason the password entering is happening on the separate page. The first page also had an edit text for for the password so it is not very clear why this redirection is necessary.

I don't have any apps on the windows Dev server and I would expect this app to tell me about that (and it did but in a wrong way)


  • After loading, the user can only see an empty screen. There is no info displayed to the user if he doesn't have any apps.
  • Dashboard menu item in the app drawer returns user to the login screen even if he is already logged in.
  • Back button from the login screen returns user to the screen with Return button. Return button brings the user back to the login screen. (Screenshot)

Is there someone who is using windows Dev center? I am curious how does it look if you have a windows app connected to your account.

  • The Windows Dev Center app lets you quickly view details about the health and performance of your Windows Store apps on your Android smartphone
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