4k Video Editor Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

What's New

  • Made it easier for the user to discover, or use functionalities, like adjusting colors or trimming.
  • Solved errors.

The app got a couple of good improvements.

  • Easy to use timeline. Now it looks more traditional for mobile devices with wide borders around each item.
  • Rate the app setting. Now it requests feedback internally which is always good.


  • App crashed after pressing the add media button. Screenshot
  • An added video was resized during the playback. Video
  • Playback progress bar still shows a progress of the single item in the timeline instead of the progress of the whole video. It also changes its position by tics, it would be probably better to have a smooth progress bar animation here.


  • An intuitive video editor
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