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The device used in the app:

One plus one 64gb (android 6.0.1)



  • I'm keen on flexibility of launcher settings
  • A lot of customization whereas my previous launcher
  • Well designed


  • In settings of wallpapers I couldn't find "black/white screen wallpaper" in pictures list, strongly recommend you to add this feature
  • It was hard to find how to set up the main screen when I tap on home button of the device (press and hold gesture should be added to settings menu with explanation)
  • Pressing and holding on "wifi" button from down bar quick menu doesn't redirect me deeper into wifi settings for searching new wifi hot spots
  • There is no integration with Google services
  • More colors could be added to settings customization (fonts, articles)
  • There should be added customization for app icons (make them all circled or quartered in one visual style)
  • I'm not sure to correct work on Microsoft widget "clean ram memory"
  • New apps don't add home screen even if there is empty place


  • My old widget can't be loaded, see my screenshot

Date: 02 Feb 2018
Author: Jurij S

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