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The device used for test:

One plus one (android 6.0.1)


App icon:

Looks like "book of love", in my opinion, there should be present some suggestion about connection app with Facebook adding some letter "F" on the top

First start of the app:

Tutorial missed when was first opening of app


  • Easy way to sign in
  • Minimalistic idea
  • Left bar menu moves with gestures
  • No crashes during test


  • Tutorial should be added (couple pictures which will explain the main idea of app and will help to navigate the first time)
  • Design 3/10 (general opinion)
  • Share buttons could have more attractive and logical view
  • Left bar settings menu should be reorganized ("gear" symbol of select my pages should be changed to different one which will give clear meaning to this description)


  • Work harder on design and buttons organization
  • Change fonts in "sharing" buttons

Date: 01 Feb 2018
Author: Jurij S

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