U Game Reflex Training Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

Do you have a good reaction and a peripheral vision? You can check it here. The gameplay is very simple but it is hard to master. For me, some levels are easier to pass with two fingers while others are easier with one.


  • Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1


Sometimes it shows an ad instantly after the level fail which makes the user click on the ad banner accidentally. I would prefer not to do that because it looks like a click bite. Not quite sure here but I think that ad providers are detecting this kind of behaviour so it doesn't benefit anyone.

Apart from that, ads time could be used by the user to watch away from his your phone and focus eyes on something else in order to relax them. You can always suggest this to the user to make him less frustrated by annoying ads.

It requires a Phone Call permission on start. It is not clear why. This should be either removed either clarified in the Game description on Google Play.

Level 12, 14, 21 descriptions are too wide on Google Pixel XL 2 Screenshot.

Continue dialogue is covered by 90dp ad banner at the bottom. If it appears above the "help message" id becomes overlapped (Screenshot). The logic behind this dialogue is a bit unclear. It takes the user to the 30 sec ad screen after pressing Yes and disappear after pressing No. It took me a while to understand that it will allow me to continue the game from the point where I fall. There is no clear explanation about this.

It is not very clear how to use moustache slider at the beginning. The user can slide them but they are not selectable. Spin moustache button is hidden under the slider on Google Pixel XL 2 Screenshot. It is also not very clear what is the moustache use-case, is it just a decoration?

Game hangs after pressing "buy" button on the Remove ads dialogue.

It is not clear what does "Reset ad" option mean on the Remove ads dialogue.

Some wide moustaches don't fit the screen Screenshot.

Ads banner is floating to the right on Note 4 Screenshot.

Icons and text are displayed wrong in the sharing dialogue Screenshot.


I managed to finish at level 27 and I think that I will keep playing a bit more. I realised that after passing level 26 you will be able to pass levels from 1 to 15 almost without any problems even if you were facing them at first.

Core Issues

There are a bit too many ads. Watching videos is ok but randomly appearing ad screens after the level end are not. I would say that it will be a kind of a trade-off between Google Play rating and ads revenue in the end.

UI is not fully optimised for some screen sizes (Screenshots).

Some parts of Game logic is unclear. Instead of moustaches, I would prefer to customise background and balls colours. Some logical parts are covered with ads. There are not that many helpful tips for the player.

Happy Testing!

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