Factory Frenzy Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

Factory Frenzy Beta

Devices: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1. Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.0.1.

Application Overview

This is a 3D Unity Game with VR controls. You will have to work in a toy factory that produces Christmas toys. This game also requires Google Play Games app to be installed. As a Player, you will need to turn around the control cabin and press different buttons.

The first issue here is that it is hard to understand what you are doing in general. I realized that I am in the toy factory and that I am producing toys only after I finished my first game and saw some toys on the screen. I would point a little bit more attention on that in the tutorial. Maybe it will be nice to do an overview of the whole factory and say what it is about before jumping into the cabin.

Secondly, the user has to turn around right and left with his device and it is easy to get dizziness after 10 minutes of gaming. I would suggest to add a second control mode with right and left button and a menu where the user can switch between VR and Controls modes.

Features Overview

  • High Scores Board where you can compare your achievements.
  • In-game shop where you can buy additional replays and endless mode access.
  • Game Tutorial.

UI Issues

  • Shop button is cut at the bottom of the Google Pixel XL 2 (Screenshot).
  • "Play the tutorial" header at the Shop menu looks like a button and a call to action but it is not clickable. This Header should have a call to action which describes why the user should buy in-game items.

  • The text in the tutorial is not easy to read. It can have more contrast color and more readable font.

  • Quit button on the post-game screen will open a dialog which will overflow the post-game screen and mix the buttons from two screens. If the user loses the game, he can open many dialogs above the post-game screen, one on top of each other. Each dialog background should hide previous dialogs.
  • The right-blue control in the game is going under the ground when pulled.
  • Sometimes (rarely) controls are not clickable when they are partially visible (the user can see the control at his screen but the yellow arrow is still pointing to this control).

Functional Issues

  • High Score button didn't work on Samsung Note 4 where Google Play Games app was installed a long time ago. The button also didn't open any Play Games dialogs. It worked on Pixel where Play Games app was installed right before the game.
  • All buttons (5, 10, 20 replays) in the shop lead to the 5 tokens offer. Each button should lead to the corresponding offer. Endless mode button works well.

  • Quit button doesn't work as a pause in-game. I would love to have such possibility.

  • There is no way to exit from the tutorial except closing the game. The back button should open an exit dialog. The tutorial also should have a Quit button.
  • There is no way to get out of stage selection screen. The back button should open an exit dialog.

  • Stage selection menu is not calibrated properly. It takes two 360 physical rounds to do one 360 round in the game. Sometimes it starts rounding very quickly after looking at the ground.

  • Back button doesn't open an exit dialog in the game mode and in the settings mode.

Happy New Year and Happy Testing!

  • Frenzy has exclusive Christmas items right now for the holidays so give it a try!
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