Trello Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

Trello Beta Update v4.7.0.10375-master-BETA brings quick board members management

Here is a full list of changes in this version

  • We've added the ability to easily change board member roles.
  • Large boards should be opening faster and behaving better than ever.
  • Many bugs have gone through the squasher.

I have two boards, one of them is my own and it is quite big and the second one has four members in it. Both were opened quite quickly even after the first install and I didn't notice any problems with performance. Board caching also works very well and the second board opening was almost instant.

Board members management

You can discover this new functionality in the board menu under the members' tab (Screenshot). There is a new menu button next to each board member. It opens a dialog interface where you can choose between Admin and Normal roles.

Members tab also has a floating button which can help you to add new members to the board and share invitation link. It also has a Join Board button which will show a warning pop-up that you are about to leave this board and you may not be able to join it later. This message is a bit confusing and I am not sure how this button is related to the members' menu. It also has the same "+" icon as an "add member" button. It is not an issue at all, but I would try to get more feedback on it from other users to make it more intuitive.

Handled corner cases:

  • The user cannot change from Admin role to the Normal role if there is only one Admin on the board.
  • Screen orientation change is properly handled
  • In case of no internet connection, the app will disable all actionable buttons but the list of users will stay.


There is a one tiny issue I discovered recently.

Members tab title text will become invisible in case if Members section will be quickly opened after the tap on another section

Steps - open board menu - press on the Activity section - immediately tap on the Members section before Activity tab is opened - see Members section opened - press on the back arrow - see Members text gone

  • expected - Members text is still shown
  • actual - Members text is not visible

That's it!

Trello is simple and popular project management tool. You can always get a beta version here Trello beta

Happy Testing!

  • Trello gives you perspective over all your projects, at work and at home
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