4k Video Editor Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This is a second test report for Wize beta. There are a lot of good changes and a lot of space for improvements.

First of all, I liked that UI became much cleaner. The floating button works well and it is easy to use. This time I was able to create a simple video from my timeline out of a short video and one image.

Coming down to the problems.

The core goal of the user will be a video editing and creation. However, the app doesn’t offer a flow (or happy path) to the user and he needs to investigate everything by himself. There are also some traps related to issues and UX which are interrupting the user.

I would like to mention a simple user flow with a list of core elements

  • Story - as a user I want to be able to create edited videos out of my content
  • Input - videos, images
  • Output - edited videos

App requirements

  • Project management. The user should be able to start a new editing project.
  • Video Timeline. This includes the following — File selection (selecting photos and videos) — Playback controls (play, pause, stop, forward, backward) — Content reordering (add, delete, reorder items) — Content editing (filters, sounds, rotation..) — Video creation

Some of those requirements are there and some of them are not in the good shape.

Project Management

The user workflow should be organised around the “Project”.

Current implementation: User opens the app - starts editing - finishes editing - creates the video. The user can create a “New Project” in order to start a new one.

Expected implementation: The user opens the app - the user starts a project - starts editing - finishes editing - creates the video. The user can create a “New Project” and it should either replace his previous project either it should create a new project (only in case is the app provides a functionality to manage multiple projects).

There are two problems with the current flow. The first project creation is automatic and it is done in the background. The user doesn't know anything about the fact that he created a project and that he can create a new one. This will make him confused in future when he will try to start a new project b/c it is not clear what will happen with the current project?

Possible action points

  • The project management workflow should be clear, simple and transparent to the user. The app should offer a clear workflow for project management. Open app - create the first project (or init the project) - finish editing. After that, the app should make it clear to the user what he should do next - if there is no multiple projects support in place than the user should press the button “Reset the project” in order to start from scratch. The project creation step might be unnecessary in case if the is only one project in place but the project management workflow is important. It should be very clear to the user and it shouldn’t make him asking questions “what will happen if I..”

Video timeline

This part is still quite buggy. Here is the list.

  • There are two main buttons - Play and “Create”. As a user of the timeline I would expect to have playback controls on that screen - Play, pause, stop, move forward / backwards. Video creation is not that frequent operation and it can be moved somewhere else.
  • Tap on the controls hides them. If the user taps on the play button, he will see a grey area. This is bad because the user needs to tap again to bring them back and see the timeline. This shouldn’t happen. Video.
  • “Create video” button has a “Record” icon which is confusing. it should have “export”, “convert” or “compose” or "something else” icon.
  • The back button shows exit tops in case if floating button is opened instead of closing the menu. Steps - open app - tap on the floating button - press back button. Expected - floating button menu is closed, no toast message displayed.
  • Not all folders with video files are shown in the gallery. I have some videos from "AZ Screen recording” app which are stored in the separate folder and they are not visible during the file selection.
  • The timeline is showing the playback progress for each element and not for the whole video. As a user, I want to use the timeline to play a specific part of the video without playing all elements one by one. In addition to that it makes the playback logic very unclear and as a user, you don’t know which part of the video is playing.

Some occasional issues.

  • Play button stops working after the timeline update sometimes. It happens randomly from time to time.
  • Adding a GIF file to the timeline makes it not working sometimes.
  • The user cannot select an image sometimes after the new project creation.

Happy Testing!

  • An intuitive video editor
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