Sublime Stills - Wallpapers Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This an awesome wallpapers app. Usually, I am not using any wallpapers app b/c the quality of content is not impressive. This app has a collection of wallpapers from Unsplash. They are nice and high res. Material design + very simple functionality just does what it suppose to do. I also like that it uses hex matching colours in a preview (like google usually does) - screenshot.

Some small comments:

  • App drawer Stream option doesn’t close the drawer + this option doesn’t have a use case (maybe just yet). I would expect that if the user is in the Stream view and drawer is opened - this drawer will be simply closed if the user presses on Stream option.
  • Loading animation is floating to the left in the horizontal view (the same goes for the end of the list message).
  • An image is blinking when the user is trying to open it without an internet connection. The user should see an error message about the connection status.

I didn’t found any other big problems here, I hope that this app will get a bit more attention from beta testers. Cheers!

  • Sublime Stills is an immersive wallpaper discovery experience which helps you find the best wallpapers on the internet
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