Poweramp Music Player beta Community Report

The Poweramp Music Player app has hit the 50 million downloads mark on the Play Store, which is indeed a great achievement. Congratulations! Now, back to the topic of this article. The latest release candidate version, named rc-build-798-play (Huh, what a strange versioning!) hit the Play Store on October 4 and brings a couple of UI behavior changes and shows more info in some pages.

First, let's see what are the UI changes:

  • Ratings are being shown in almost all categories.
  • Long-pressing on the mini player brings the current album/

A couple of new settings entries added:

  • Keep Notification and Always Keep Notification options in Look and Feel - Notifications
  • Send High-Resolution Album Art in the Album Art sub-menu
  • Sort by last played time - It is available in the All Songs list by tapping on the three-dot menu button - List Options

Improvements have also been done related to:

  • Going from one track to the next one in the queue
  • Seeking for MP3 files
  • Genres and lists

And as always, bug fixes are present here too.

A small issue I encountered on my Huawei P8 is that the sorting by date added sorts music alphabetically instead. If you do have the same issue, please let me know and keep testing!

  • Poweramp is a powerful music player for Android
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