A Lateral Thinking Game (Alt-G) Beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

A simple game where you have to complete quests. The graphic is very simple but quests are quite interesting. It made me watch around 5 ads in order to get free coins. Those coins can be used to get tips if you stack somewhere.

I don't think that it needs more features but it needs some love in visualisation. Menus, buttons, quest screens and so on. If the developer will be able to make it look attractive (it still can stay simple), it will be very interesting. I would also say that it is missing graphics style. Someone who can draw the whole UI will be very helpful here.

There was a level with sounds which should have a pop up before with a warning that it will make a sound even if your sound setting is turned off. There are cases when such behaviour can make user uninstall the game.


  • Alt-G is an addictive riddles free game where you need all the features in your device to solve amazingly creative brain riddles
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