Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging Community Report 📲 Huawei P8, Android 6.0

After a month with no updates, finally, we got Telegram 4.9.1 which comes with some much-needed improvements. You know our love about Telegram, so without any fuss about it, let's dive straight into the details about this release.

So, here are the detailed changes:

  • New 'Exceptions' section in Notification settings

The idea is to show you all the chats with custom notification settings. It can be found in Settings - Notifications and Sounds - Exceptions.

  • Telegram Passport now supports more types of data

It has been upgraded to support names in original languages and additional types of documents. Also, now there many projects have Telegram Passport integration, for example:

Sum & Substance (KYC & user verification), CEX.IO and Xena (cryptocurrency exchanges), CryptoPay (wallet), YouDrive (carsharing), Profi and Worki (job marketplaces), Minter Network and Minexcoin (blockchain startups), KICKICO, Cryptonomos and ICOadmin (ICO platforms).*

  • Improved password hashing algorithm to better protect Telegram Passport data

  • Export your chats using the latest version of Telegram Desktop

Today’s update brings you an easy way to save conversations locally. You can export some (or all) of your chats, including photos and other media they contain. As a result, you’ll get all your data accessible offline in JSON-format or in beautifully formatted HTML. To use this feature, make sure you have the latest version of Telegram Desktop installed on your computer, then click Settings - Export Telegram data.

If you have some features that you would like to be added to the app, please don't hesitate to mention them in the comments. We will forward them to the dev team as soon as possible.

Source: Telegram Blog

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